WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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AJ Mix - a Harley riders delight a melon berry mix with pineapple

Blueberry Rap - Blueberry with a blended berry finish

Blue Dragon Mist - a misty combination of blueberry and dragonfruit

Black Forest - a dark and magical blackberry potion with hints of raspberry

Blackberry Rap - a berry blend with delicious lime finish

BlueRaspberry Cotton Cloud - a favorite childhood treat ADULTS love

Broadsword - Sweet stomping strawberry matched with a roaring watermelon 

Deep Woods - a deep citrus flavor rooted in forest fruits and mixed berries

Dragon Berry - a banana blended with berries and dragon fruit

Emily’s Dragons - a well blended strawberry dragonfruit delight

Fuzzy Peach - a sour twist with a berry kick

Guava Pango - a tropical Guava blended with tropical fruits

Island Breeze - a monsoon for tropical power

Juicy Jackfruit - a Wonderfull berry champagne

Ka-Pow! - a strong hit in our mouth of forest and tropical fruits

Mountain Mist - a raspberry and peach blend with a mountain top berry

Orange Splash - a slam dunk in a pool of tangerine and strawberry heaven

Pineapple Splash - a refreshing blend of Hawaiian drink and strawberries

Rainbow Drop - a cheerful ray of citrus with a hint of sunshine

Steve’s Mystery - a mysterious wild berry mix

Strawberry Blast - a magical red wood forest blend with a strawberry mix

Sour Berry - a sour strawberry bomber to blast your tastebuds

Super Grape - a superhero grape sidekick

Sweetest Sin - a sinful bland of berries with commandment braking lime

Watermelon Drop - a sugary treat that dissolves slowly in your mouth

Watermango - a fresh juicy mango blend


Red Cig - a bold non-menthol tobacco blend

Green Cig - a cooling menthol tobacco blend

Fire Leaf - a sophisticated tobacco blend

La Napoleon - “SHORT” “complex” tobacco blend


Apple Swirl - a spinning Apple and cinnamon sensation

Banana blast - a banana split with marshmallow and ice cream

Bavarian Blend - a vanilla cream desert worked to perfection

Caramel Smooth - a smooth caramel ice cream

Custard Creation - a creamy custard masterpiece

Do it! - a gram cracker dipped the strawberry custard cream

Coco Cream - a delicious ice cream with caramel drizzle and coconut shavings

Pink Lady - a creamy Bavarian strawberry parfait

Pecan Surprise - a sweet butter caramel glazed pecan mixture

Peppermint Cream - a peppermint cleansing cream

Southern Apples - a southern style apple pie with an old fashion Kentucky kick

Sweet Dreams - a vanilla caramel dream team with coffee back notes

Steve’s Cheesecake - Steve’s hometown cheesecake, fuhgettaboutit

Strawnana - a creamy strawberry banana delicacy

Strawberry Finale - a delicious Strawberry Cheesecake

Super Vanilla Cookie - if you have to ask don't buy it! LOL

Toasted Joy - a delicious toasted almond chocolate treat

Upside-down Pineapple - a delicious syrupy topping to the world known cake

Typical Yogurt - volcanically fruit and yogurt blend


Butter Brew - a hocus pocus drink of magical proportions

Chocolate Milkshake - <= description in title

Cookie Doh Espresso - a cookie/coffee lovers dream

Cookie-N-Donuts - bring justice to your morning babe

Cucumber Mint - a refreshing spa like beverage that will entice the pallet

Forest Tea - a masterful blend of fine tea leaves and mixed berries

Robin Slushie - a wild berry slushie

Blue Raspberry Slushie - a polar slush of berry goodness

Mint Shake - a classic green mint shake

Strawberry or Raspberry Mojito - your favorite adult beverage

Strawberry Silk - a shake flavored strawberry as smooth as silk

Steve’s Latte - a special coffee blend from the owner himself 

Effortless Vapes is a Vape shop and Lounge located in Effort, PA in the Mount Effort Plaza. We make amazing e-liquid and have a wide variety of hardware for your vaping needs. We also have a nice selection of CBD products and unique supplements you can't find in big box stores from Male and Female supplements to pre workouts and vitamins available.


3160 Route 115

Suite 101

Effort, PA 18330

Phone: 570-484-8569

Email: Steve@effortlessvapes.com

Store Hours:

Sunday: 10am-7pm

Monday: 9am-10pm


Wednesday: 9am-10pm